Small Javascript Library easy-to-use that parse Twitter Usernames, Hashtags and URLs


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Parameters Type default description
urlClass String tweet_link css Class used for url in the tweet
userClass String tweet_user css Class used for @user profil url in the tweet
hashtagClass String hashtag css Class used for hashtags url in the tweet
target HTML attribute for anchor tags _blank target used for all <a> generated
searchWithHashtags Boolean true generate hashtag link, if true : "", if false : ""
ParseUsers Boolean true will parse @users if is set to true
parseUrls Boolean true will parse URLS if is set to true
parseHashtags Boolean true will parse hashtags if is set to true

Getting started

    //basic usage

    //With Default parameters
    tweetParser('.tweet', {
        urlClass : "tweet_link", //this is default
        userClass : "tweet_user", //this is default
        hashtagClass : "hashtag", //this is default
        target : "_blank", //this is default
        searchWithHashtags : true //this is default
        parseUsers : true,
        parseHashtags : true,
        parseUrls : true

    // Note that '.tweet' is your own CSS selector





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